What to bring from Ulan-Ude? Unique souvenirs of Buryatia

What to take with you from a trip to Ulan-Ude, a distinctive city with its own strong identity? How to preserve the smells, sounds and impressions of it for a long time? We are sharing a list of advertising gifts that will not let you forget about your trip to the capital of Buryatia.
Ceramics and porcelain

What could be better than drinking aromatic tea in a cold winter evening and remembering your trip to Baikal? Perhaps just drink tea from a beautiful mug with illustrations by Buryat artists! You can find tea mug and saucer set, plates, sugar bowls, decorative boxes, plates and even entire sets in Ulan-Ude. The dishes are decorated with reproductions of paintings by contemporary artists of Buryatia — Zorikto Dorzhiev, Sayana Khomonova, Irina and Olga Ertakhanov, and Balzhinima Dorzhiev.

Where to buy: Dombo ceramics store

Modern residents of Buryatia are now actively rethinking national identity that is clearly manifested in creating clothes. You can see two courses in this direction — sewing authentic outfits most closely resembling the ancient ones, as well as the production of modern fashionable clothes using traditional elements. Thus, you can find shirts with stand-up collars, quilted vests, wrap dresses, T-shirts and hoodies with catchy words, written in Mongolian script or the Buryat language, in the shops of Ulan-Ude. You can also find a wide variety of clothes made from camel wool, brought from neighboring Mongolia, in city stores.

Where to buy: Zam and "Khatan" Ethno Markets, Bayan Brand, "Ailana Art", Leform_uu, "Toli", "Yurta Gobi" stores
High fur boots

You won’t survive a long, harsh winter without good fur boots. The Central Market area in Ulan-Ude is a real paradise of high fur boots. Traditionally, these fur boots are made from the skin of deer, wapiti, elk, and sometimes sheep or dog. They do not slip on ice, withstand frosts down to -50 degrees and are worn much longer than modern shoes — up to 10 years with proper care. These boots are decorated with embroidery, beads and seed beads or leather trim.

Where to buy: "Sled", "House of High Fur Boots", "Unty of Siberia" factory stores and other stores located in the Central Market area

The creation of bronze sculptures is one of the ancient crafts of Buryat masters. Contemporary works of art made of bronze and ceramics feature the rapid lightness of their details, depict traditional motifs and everyday scenes, and often hide encrypted symbols or an ironic message from the author. Both legendary characters and ordinary people become heroes — elders, horsemen, sacred animals, cute little children, the graceful beauty Dangina and the brave hero Bator. The sculptures will become a sophisticated decoration of any interior.

Where to buy: art workshop "Erhim Darkhan", Dombo ceramics store, Zam Ethno Market, Ethno Panno store
Buddhist attributes

Buddhism is widespread in Buryatia and you will probably visit one of the datsans on your trip. Don't forget to buy a small gift for good luck! Most often, tourists choose Hii morin (translated as "wind horse" from Buryat) — multi-colored flags with the image of a horse, covered with mantras. It is customary to hang them on a tree in strictly designated places for the fulfillment of desires or at times of life’s adversity. In the shops you will also find many figurines of Buddha and Buddhist deities, incense made from local plant elements and jewelry depicting Buddhist symbols. For example, the "ulzy" symbol is often used — it is an endless knot, which means endless love and peace.

Where to buy: "Altan Beleg", "Hii morin", Nomadsshop, "Buddhist attributes" stores
Silver and precious stones

Since ancient times, not only women, but also men have decorated themselves with silver in Buryatia. Local craftsmen, darkhans, made knives and horse equipment for hunters and warriors, and earrings, rings, amulet holders, pendants, hair ornaments, hats, belts and much, much more for the keepers of the hearth. In jewelry stores of Ulan-Ude you can find both similar elements of traditional outfits and modern jewelry that intertwine updated style and ancient traditions. Buryatia is also famous for its various types of jade. Sculptures and figurines are made from this precious stone, and it is used as jewelry — bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Where to buy: "Silver Fashion", "SHENE Jeweler", "Dangina", Darkhan Gold stores, Zam Ethno Market, Oriental Way and "Jade of Buryatia" art workshops

Ulan-Ude residents deeply care about the Buryat language, folk heritage and cultural traditions. Therefore, the book market is actively developing and the traveling book lover will have something to please himself in bookstores. Fairy tales illustrated by the Ertakhanov sisters, tender poems by Namzhil Nimbuev, the basics of Buddhism for children, the "Cruel Age" classic novel by Isai Kalashnikov, designed by Zorikto Dorzhiev — this is only a small part of the diverse book world of Buryatia. Beimg in bookstores, also pay attention to calendars, postcards, posters with reproductions of local artists and board games that will help you master the basics of the Buryat language.

Where to buy: "Polinom" bookstore, independent "Kalashnikov" bookstore, "Belen Helen" online store
Tea and sweets

One of the most popular gifts from Buryatia is the famous herbal tea. It is made from a herb that has many names: Bogorodskaya grass, aya-ganga or thyme. Herbal teas with sea buckthorn, fireweed and sagan-dali leaves are also sold here. Don't just walk past the chocolate — the famous cedar roast by the "Amta" factory or chocolate buuzas with a variety of flavors will be an excellent gift for candy hounds. You can be surprised by the chewing resin of Siberian larch — in Buryatia it is called sulfur, it has an unusual natural smell, is very good for teeth and sold in any store.

Where to buy: "Ulaansa" chocolate buuz shop, "Amta" chocolate factory stores, "Transbaikalia Honey", "Baikal Herbs", "Baikaliya", "Forest Factory" stores, Central Market, Zam Ethno Market
Green cosmetics

Taking care of yourself using green cosmetics never goes out of style. In Ulan-Ude you can find many stores that sell organic skin and hair care products. Liquid and dry shampoos and soaps, aromatic scrubs, oils and creams based on animal milk, Baikal water and local herbs are a good way to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Where to buy: BaikalSoap natural soap store, "Modemoiselle Cozeta" green cosmetics store, Zam Ethno Market, "Verkhneudinsk Kupechesky" art workshop
If you are one of those people who brings back pleasant little things from their travels not associated with traditions and national flavor, you can look into the stylish Macondo gift shop or the independent "Kalashnikov" bookstore, where books from small Russian publishing houses are collected. Here you can spend hours looking at souvenirs from all over the world, leafing through fascinating books and be sure to find something reminiscent of your bright trip to the capital of Buryatia.