Where to work in Ulan-Ude?

The dream of a modern traveler is to come to a new city free of work tasks. However, it is difficult to imagine this in the new realities — we often take part of our work with us when traveling or keep our laptops near even on the longest trips. We will tell you about cozy places in Ulan-Ude where you can work comfortably for several hours.
GALAXY Cultural and Shopping Complex 15 Baltakhinov Street, office 501, 5th floor

The "Teplitsa" space is located in the very center of the city. Here you will find 35 workplaces with a free visiting schedule, meeting rooms, and a chill out area. The coworking space also hosts presentations, public talks, film screenings, lectures, and parties. There is free access to Wi-Fi, a scanner, and a printer. Its residents are called "Sprout", "Sapling" and "Root" — depending on how often you visit this place.

Cost of visit starts from 400 rubles/day

Iskra Place
GALAXY Cultural and Shopping Complex 15 Baltakhinov Street, office 501, 5th floor

The Iskra coffee shop is adjacent to the Teplitsa. Here you can sit with a laptop in a small booth or by the window with a view of Ulan-Ude. The only condition for working is ordering coffee or food. The space hosts lectures, film screenings and meetings with board games, as well as large-scale market parties involving city brands and handmade artists.

Cost of visit: free when ordering at the bar from 200 rubles

Tochka Kipeniya
BSU4 Ranzhurov Street, 6th floor

"Tochka Kipeniya" is open for students, high schooler and all those who plan to spend time in the city center sitting at a laptop. This is a space at the facilities of the Buryat State University. Conferences, art classes and forums are held here. You can join them or find a private place to work.

Cost of visit: free. You must have a passport with you and be registered on the platform.

B. Time Timeclub
33 Borsoev Street

The timeclub is a place where you can spend your time as you please, paying only for the amount of time. B. Time has meeting rooms and a co-working space with free Wi-Fi, as well as everything for a fun-filled holiday: a cinema room with soft poufs, a console and board games.

Cost of visit starts from 500 rubles/day

Trista Barista
21 Lenin Street

A cozy place in the city center that you can visit after a walk and choose a place to your liking — on a soft sofa by a panoramic window overlooking the city, on a bar stool at a high table, or in privacy on the second floor. Here all types of coffee and delicious breakfasts will be offered to you.

Cost of visit: free when ordering coffee or food at the bar from 400 rubles

Children and Youth Library
23A Klyuchevskaya Street

The library is a great place for online work. You can find a place both at a desktop computer and a table for your laptop in the Children and Youth Library. Lectures and master classes, as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to the writers of Buryatia are held here.

Cost of visit starts from 40 rubles with a library card

Similar places /may we show you cards with photos?/:

Library No. 13
15 Geologicheskaya Street

National Library
4 Erbanov Street

Traveler’s Coffee
42 Lenin Street / 22 Kuibyshev Street

A coffeehouse chain in the center of Ulan-Ude, where they care not only about taste, but also about the comfort of their guests. Here you can sit for a long time with a laptop and do your work. After a busy day, you can reward yourself with a walk along the evening streets of the city — Arbat or the old city.

Cost of visit: free when ordering food or drinks over 200 rubles

"Marco Polo" Coffee House
46 Kommunisticheskaya Street

"Pink Morning" coffee and pastry shop
36 50th Anniversary of October Avenue

My pie coffee and pastry shop
11 Kalashnikov Street

These are just some of the places where you can retire to work. In almost every cafe in the city you can ask for access to Wi-Fi, choose a seat close to an outlet and drown yourself in the work tasks. Just don’t forget about relaxation and hiking in Ulan-Ude, which we talk about in detail in other materials.